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WEST PITTSTON, Pa. (PIX11) – Have you heard the name Kevin J. McGroarty?

He’s getting pretty famous – albeit for a bittersweet reason.

McGroarty died July 22 “after battling a long fight with mediocrity.”

That’s according to his self-written and often self-deprecating obituary which has captured the Internet’s attention and catapulted this otherwise obscure man from Pennsylvania into posthumous digital fame.

The obituary starts with a single line that signals the reader is in for an experience: “McGroarty Achieves Room Temperature!”

He goes on to detail his life in Pennsylvania and his life’s loves, including practical jokes and over-tipping at restaurants.

At the age of 53, McGroarty left behind no children – “that he knows of,” the obituary quips.

He said he had little regrets in his little more than five decades on this earth, save one: not being able to inspire a revolution that would return the price of a Hersey candy bar to its original 35-cent mark because he “was distracted by many beautiful women.”

Some other gems in his obituary include:

  • McGroarty was a pioneer in Apple computing, purchasing one of the first in the Wyoming Valley in 1985. He would like to remind his friends: “Please, don’t email me, I’m dead.”
  • He will be laid to rest at Mount Olivet Cemetery, section 7N. He asks to please make note of his new address. McGroarty’s headstone reads: “I’ll Be Right Back,” one of his favorite sayings.

Many readers have commented saying that after reading his expressive missive, they wished they knew McGroarty in life.

“I’m sorry for anybody who didn’t (know him),” friend Juanita Krieger told PIX11 sister station WNEP, “because to know him was really to love him.”

McGroarty’s funeral was scheduled for Monday, but his friends say they don’t think this is the last they’ll hear from their dearly departed pal.

“I expected this,” lifelong friend Brian Langan said of McGroarty’s unique obit and its response online.

“I expected more and I’m still not sure if there’s not more to pop up. I really wouldn’t be surprised at all.”