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NEW YORK (PIX11/AP) — Mayor Bill de Blasio was greeted with a handful of boos as he spoke to new police recruits at the NYPD graduation in New York on Monday.

The cadets sat at attention when de Blasio spoke at Madison Square Garden. But boos and heckles could be heard from some in the crowd where the graduates’ friends and families sat.

The graduation comes two days after hundreds of officers turned their backs to an outdoor screen showing Mayor de Blasio as he spoke at the funeral of Officer Rafael Ramos who was killed in an ambush on Dec. 20 in Brooklyn.

Police unions have criticized de Blasio as too sympathetic to police critics who protested over the Garner and Brown cases.

At one point de Blasio said “you didn’t create these problems,” and someone in the crowd shouted “No, you did!”

Blasio continued with his speech, by telling the recruits “You can be part of the solution and that is a blessing.”

De Blasio said training for the new police force will continue through their career, and that $400 million has been invested to keep them safe.

A few people in the crowd turned their backs to the mayor during the speech.

Most, however, applauded politely when he finished speaking.

“You’re not just joining the finest police department in the world – that is a fact, but there’s something more that you are doing at this very moment,” de Blasio said in closing. “You are joining a winning team.”