MAPLEWOOD, N.J. (PIX11) — Maplewood residents can dust off their costumes. The town’s annual Halloween parade is finally back.

“Maplewood has been doing a Halloween parade for decades,” said the town’s Deputy Mayor Vic DeLuca.

This moment hasn’t been felt in Maplewood since 2019, in a pre-pandemic world.

“Not having it for the past three years has really been felt by the community,” said Kara Rademacher, vice president of the SOMA Chamber of Commerce. 

Now, times are a little less scary, and kids and families are back in costume, strutting down Maplewood Avenue again.

“A little bit chaotic atmosphere as the kids see each other, get candy,” said Rademacher. 

The SOMA Chamber of Commerce would have liked to bring the parade back last year, but with schools not being fully back at that time, and the virus still prevalent, the treats had to wait another year.

“It was hard,” said Gary Jones, president of the SOMA Chamber of Commerce. “It was disappointing, and you could feel the disappointment out on social media and all that. I think people really look forward to this event.”

The best treat of all for many was that families are back to making memories.

“Oh it’s great, we love it, especially he loves it because he can see everybody and run around,” said Maplewood resident Jenna Shiner, who was holding her son in a lion costume.