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A man is lucky to be alive after getting his throat slashed in a Manhattan nightclub early Friday.

It happened at a club called Columbus 72 on Columbus Avenue  between 71st and 72nd streets.

Detectives spent the early morning hours  Friday inside the club questioning people and releasing them one by one. Police and EMS workers rushed to scene about 2:30 Friday morning following reports of a man being slashed.

They took the 33-year-old victim to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital with what is being described as a deep slash to his neck. He is reportedly in critical condition but expected to survive.

People coming out of the club were reluctant to talk, but one witness said a commotion started  following a loud noise like a bottle breaking and people scattered.

It’s not clear if the weapon was a blade or a broken bottle or what sparked the slashing.

Keith Sax lives in the area and says the club is a trouble spot.

” I’m not surprised.  I’m very sorry for the victim, but I live across the street and every Friday and Saturday the club has the loudest, rowdy fighting, brawling and screaming.”

He went on to say simply, “I’d like to see the club close down.”

Police have made no arrests and the investigation is continuing.