MANHATTAN (PIX11) — After eight NYPD officers were convicted of perjury, stealing and selling guns, and bribery, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg announced Thursday he requested over 180 misdemeanor convictions connected to the ex-NYPD officers be dismissed.

Bragg wants the 188 convictions thrown out on the strength of due process violations.

“While most law enforcement officials and police officers are dedicated public servants, these eight officers, who played a material role in hundreds of arrests, criminally abused their positions of power,” said Bragg. “These illegal actions irrevocably taint these convictions and represent a significant violation of due process rights – the foundational principle of our legal system.”

This move comes two months after Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez called for over 350 convictions to be overturned.

“The collateral consequences of a conviction are significant. The stigma lasts a lifetime and prevents people from finding a job, going back to school or securing housing. My hope is that by vacating these convictions, we can help the individuals impacted move on with their lives and fully participate in society,” DA Bragg said. “This represents an important step forward, but we know there is a lot more work to do, and our investigation remains ongoing. We cannot allow unconstitutional convictions to continue to hinder the lives of New Yorkers.”

The complete list of the former officers whose work was involved in the convictions Bragg wants to be vacated is listed below.

  • Jason Arbeeny – convicted of official misconduct and offering a false instrument for filing and falsifying business records for planting drugs on two individuals
  • Michael Arenella – convicted of petit larceny, official misconduct and falsifying business records for taking money from an undercover officer who posed as a drug dealer and using the money to pay an informant.
  • Michael Carsey – convicted of perjury and offering a false instrument for filing for lying under oath about how he obtained information that led to an arrest
  • Johnny Diaz – convicted of receiving bribes, petit larceny and criminal possession of a controlled substance for accepting bribes and gifts from an undercover officer posing as a drug dealer, who he also helped to transport cocaine
  • William Eiseman – convicted of perjury and official misconduct for providing false testimony and conducting unlawful searches
  • Michael Foder – convicted of false declarations before a grand jury or court for lying under oath at a federal hearing
  • Richard Hall – convicted of accepting bribes and official misconduct for releasing an 18-year-old woman from custody in exchange for sexual favors from her
  • Nicholas Mina – convicted of criminal sale of a controlled substance, criminal sale of a firearm, criminal sale of a firearm, grand larceny and conspiracy for stealing and selling guns from a precinct house