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SEATTLE (PIX11) — A Washington man is behind bars after police say he sent dozens of violent threats to his coworkers, all to get extra days off from work.

KIROTV reports that James Bea of Tacoma threatened to blow up his coworkers at Jack Henry and Associates via text message between April 15 to April 22.

Jack and Henry does information processing for banks, according to the station.

Investigators say Bea would use personal details and sometimes even included the employee’s family members.

“Hello Tom.  I know you are wondering who this is, but we will get to that later. I’ve watched you for the past 6 months. Where you work, which route you take home, where you grocery shop, where you go for drinks, where that pretty little girlfriend of yours works; need I go on?” one of the first messages read in part.

“I want you and the rest of your staff to evacuate the building. Failure to do so will harm not only your pretty soon to be wife, but everyone who works for you. I have planted and will detonate 18 C4 explosives in exactly 30 minutes. Take this as a joke, and your staff’s lives will be in your hands.”

Bea is now being held on $100,000 bail. (Photo: Twitter)

Bea would also send text messages to himself to throw off suspicion and even used the shooting death of his brother to get paid time off work.

The court papers don’t identify a motive, but one of the messages Bea allegedly sent to himself demanded that he stay home from work.

“So there it is, my warning to you: DON’T SET ONE FOOT ON JACK HENRY PROPERTY TOMORROW,” one of the messages read.

Police were able to trace the messages back to Bea’s home computer. Although no explosives were found, investigators say Bea was also stealing the identities of several people.

Bea has been charged with two felony counts of making threats to bomb or injure property, with more charges likely on the way.

He is being held on $100,00 bail.