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MIDTOWN, Manhattan — A bizarre scene unfolded in busy Times Square Tuesday afternoon as shocked witnesses say a man jumped through the glass of a second floor window at Midtown Comics and landed on the sidewalk below.

It happened just before 3 p.m. at 40th Street and Seventh Avenue.

“I hear the breaking glass and I look. I find the guy flying,” Demo Heliem said. He was cooking at his food cart across the street when the man plunged to the ground. Heliem ran over to try and help the man, when he started to crawl away.

An owner of Midtown Comics told PIX11 that the man, who appeared intoxicated, entered the store and began to run around, knocking into customers. He then rammed his body into the glass window and jumped to the pavement below.

“He definitely jumped, broke through the window. If you look, there is no way someone is going to sit there and just kindly break that big window,” witness Aaron Sanabria said.

Witnesses say the man was battered and bloody as he crawled, and tried to get away — but only made it a short distance to a van before he was stopped by police.

He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. He has not yet been identified.

Witnesses said before the man entered Midtown Comics, he was bothering people on the block. He went into a Lenwich sandwich shop and was acting strange before he was kicked out.

A man from the neighborhood said the person who jumped is allegedly a shoplifter. He has been seen with merchandise from the comic book shop.

The owner of Midtown Comics said they are investigating whether he had tried to steal from the shop on Tuesday before he jumped.