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When senior point guard Peyton Siva was handed the mic to thank his supporters following the Louisville Cardinals’ historic NCAA championship win over Michigan, he apparently left someone out and that someone was his alleged “sexting” mistress and she was pretty upset about it, to say the least.

In a CBS post-game interview, the Big East Tournament MVP thanked “Jesus and his girlfriend,” which prompted his apparent “side chick” Jenna Shea to blow a fuse, taking to Twitter where she posted very revealing screen shots of text messages between her and the college basketball champ — photos included.

Although the circumstances of the relationship between Siva and Shea remain unclear, the screenshots serve as evidence that the pair has some sort of a relationship.

Now If you heard of Jenna Shea, than you know her MO.  she has previously linked to rapper Lil’ Wayne and Houston Rockets’ James Harden for kissing and telling, basically everything.

So to put it in terms, you may understand: if Ratchet was a town in the USA, Jenna Shea would be mayor, deputy mayor and city clerk.

The moral of the story,  don’t trust anyone, especially if they’re a self-proclaimed “Twitter model.”