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In a fiery interview with PIX11 Tuesday morning, New Jersey Senate candidate Steve Lonegan called rival Cory Booker a “total failure as the Mayor of Newark.”

Doubling down on his claims that Mayor Booker does not really live in his Newark home, Lonegan said “no wonder he doesn’t want to live in Newark,” citing recent crime statistics.

“In the last 25 days, 45 shootings, 13 people dead, over 705 people shot to death on the streets of Newark while this man was Mayor,” Lonegan told PIX11. “This man cannot do to the United States of America what he did to Newark.”

When asked if he has any evidence that Booker doesn’t live in Newark, Lonegan said he is going by the news reports that were published yesterday and on the account of a woman who said Booker’s alleged home is actually a police barracks. “…Mr. Booker told the media himself he moved two weeks ago,” Lonegan said. “If you buy that, I have a bridge I can sell you, pal.”

On the subject of the government shutdown, Lonegan said if elected, “I will go to Washington and I will fight everyday for the working people of the State of New Jersey, particularly the people in Newark where unemployment is 14%, violent crime is up and high school dropout rates are over 50%.”

In recent weeks, the polls have tightened in the New Jersey Senate race, with Booker taking 52% and Lonegan at 42%. Lonegan is confident he will pull off a win Wednesday despite the polls saying, “I don’t have much confidence in these polls, particularly the Eagleton poll out of Rutgers University.”