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NEW YORK — Providing a hot meal in New York City is generating business for restaurants in need of clientele.

That has been one of the missions for nonprofits that have set up extensive networks since the pandemic began in March 2020.

World Central Kitchen was founded in 2010 and has assisted at disaster sites around the globe.

More than 8.5 million meals for hospital staff and families in New York have been distributed by World Central Kitchen and hundreds of participating restaurants.

Those thousands of orders help keep local restaurants in business.

They have renewed efforts in the New York area by partnering with Promobile Kitchen.

The company, based in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has been bringing free meals to front-line workers at hospitals in Brooklyn and Queens.

They served 650,000 meals this month.

Dominic Tomanelli is the co-founder of Promobile Kitchen, based in East Williamsburg.

The food-service business staffs food trucks and creates menus and events with brands and businesses.

“We pivoted to provide disaster relief around the country. We are blessed that World Central Kitchen brought us on-board to fuel front-liners and service 8,000 meals today,” Tomanelli said.

Maisie Wilhelm with World Central Kitchen said a warm meal is one less thing that front-line workers would have to worry about

Outside Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, staff said they appreciated the meals.