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A case of apparent road rage caught on camera has gone viral: the internet calling the woman ‘Kidz Bop Karen’ after she said the kids couldn’t hear her cursing because they were listening to ‘Kidz Bop.’

By now, millions have seen a viral video that happened on 39th Street and the West Side Highway. Now, the woman on the receiving end is speaking to PIX11.

“I tried to tell her that she’s not setting a good example there was a kid in the back who visibly looked upset,” said Chelsea Klein, who was on the receiving end of the encounter.

All of this was an apparent case of road rage.

“I guess my driver must’ve cut her off,” said Klein. “I looked at the window she’s giving me the finger and I just gave her a thumbs up.”

Klein pulled out her phone after the woman got out of her car in the middle of traffic to yell at Klein and her Lyft driver. You can hear the driver apologizing multiple times.

It happened on Friday during rush hour, as Klein was on her way home to New Jersey.

“The reason I filmed was because I was scared she was gonna do something, because she looked really hostile and had a scary look in her eyes and didn’t know what was going to happen,” Klein added.

The video was viewed millions of times after Barstool Sports tweeted out the clip.

The woman on the video has since e-mailed Klein.

“Any money you make promoting my likeness is due to me,” she wrote. “

“I’m happy for your 15 minutes of fame. It has come at zero cost to you, I’m not sure why you feel a need to expose me or demean me.”

We are not identifying the woman in the video but we did speak to her.

“I think that was a video of me in that moment so that’s absolutely who I was in that moment,” she told PIX11 News. “I don’t think it’s fair to short that responsibility. I think that’s a cop out.”

“I wish Chelsea the best and I wish the Lyft driver the best.”

Klein tells us she wants to clear up any misconception that she may be profiting from the video. She says she’s made no money from the viral encounter.