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NEW YORK –– Can you tawk the tawk like a real New Yorker?

Two major presidential candidates talk like the real New Yorkers and that’s making one linguistic professor very happy.

Just listen to Bernie Sanders’ New York accent and you will know what music is to the ears of Linguistics professor Michael Newman of Queens College.

Newman just loves Bernie’s dropped “r’s” and the way he says “cawfee,” “dawg” and “thawght,” for coffee, dog and thought, respectively.

Sanders grew up in 1940s working class Jewish Brooklyn and never lost his accent.

“It’s a classic of his time which is why Larry David does it so well, the same accent in the same time,” Newman said.

Newman says Donald Trump also sounds like the New Yorker he is, dropping his “h’s” in words like huge and human.

Trump’s accent, according to the professor, reflects his different socioeconomic background and upbringing from Sanders more than the fact that Sanders is from Brooklyn and Trump from Queens.

“Donald Trump was born into a rich family, went to school with other rich kids,” Professor Newman said, “but his accent is still very much New York.”

Politics aside, right now is a time for lovers of language to embrace the sound of real New Yorkers on the campaign trail.

“They sound like real New Yorkers with real New York accents and that’s a good thing,” the professor said.