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NEW YORK — Thanksgiving has come and gone — but the holiday weather nightmare is just getting started for the tri-state area.

As millions of holiday travelers head back home, rain and snow started sweeping through New York and New Jersey early Sunday afternoon and will continue into Monday, even possibly lasting until early Tuesday morning.

Precipitation in the city began late in the morning as a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain, and turned to snow by around 1 p.m.

The snow is expected to gradually change to rain by the late afternoon as warm air moves into the area; inland areas north and west of the city will likely see a continuation of sleet and rain.

Sunday night, rain continues for the city and coast, with a wintry mix well north and west of the city.

As the storm system begins to pull away, colder air works its way into the region, with a transition back to snow expected for all areas Monday morning. This will lead to more travel troubles on Monday, with bands of snow continuing throughout the day and into Monday night.

Snowfall totals by Tuesday morning could reach 3 to 6 inches in the city, 10 or more inches in some northern suburbs, with some areas farther north and west of the city dealing with a possibility of 18 or more inches of snow. Other models call for even more snow in the city.

Meteorologist Craig Allen breaks down the storm, along with the numerous models keeping track of potential snowfall totals.