NEW YORK (PIX11) — Where’s the snow?!?

Whether you’re relieved not to have to shovel or upset to miss out on snowball fights, there’s no question that this winter has been somewhat confusing for people expecting snow accumulation. There’s been less than an inch of snow across New York City so far this season, according to the National Weather Service (NWS.)

The last measurable snow (at least 0.1 inches) in New York City was on March 9, 2022 when there was .4 inches, records show. The earliest ever first measurable snow recorded in Central Park was on Oct. 15, 1876, according to the NOAA.

Last winter, LaGuardia saw a whopping 10.3 inches of snow between Dec. 1 and Jan 7, according to the NWS. There was less than half an inch of snow for the same period this winter. The average amount for the time period is 6.6 inches of snow. 

It’s not just LaGuardia seeing less snow. Over in Islip, there was 6.9 inches of snow from Dec. 1 through Jan. 7 last winter compared to an average of 6.2 inches, records show. This winter? Just .4 inches for the period. 

In Newark, New Jersey, 5.3 inches of snow fell from Dec. 1 through Jan. 7 last winter compared to an average of 7 inches, according to the NWS. This winter saw a measly .1 inches of snow in the period.

While there’s technically been snow this season, it hasn’t been more than an occasional flurry. The latest forecast from the National Weather Service shows there could be some light snow late Saturday night into Sunday with some minor accumulations in southeastern Connecticut and the forks of Long Island.

There’s still time left before winter’s end. The season’s last snowfall usually happens in March.