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THE BRONX — There’s a big danger at the intersection of East Tremont and Van Nest Avenues in the Bronx.

Photos look like scenes from a Hollywood film: vehicles tossed up and hanging on a traffic barrier. It happens fairly frequently.

“We’ve had four cars flip in a two-week period,” Andre Durante, a nearby used car and repair shop store owner told PIX11 News. “We’ve had school buses hit that, we’ve had trucks.”

The barrier, called a bollard, was put up about 6 months ago by the city Department of Transportation. The idea was to slow down traffic and make things safer.

“It’s not helping, it’s hurting,” Durante says.

The DOT told us no one has been killed or even seriously injured at the location and it takes time for drivers to get adjusted to the new street layout.

But the bollard is black, and some drivers apparently don’t even see it until they’re literally on top of it. The DOT says it hasn’t received any formal complaints.

“We’ve actually emailed DOT,” said Durante. “Got no response back from DOT. When we put it on social media, we got such a big response.”

Let’s hope the accidents end soon. In the meantime, what a shame!.

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