NEW YORK (PIX11) — It was a festive atmosphere in Times Square Monday for the kickoff of the “We ❤ NYC” campaign, which aims to reinvigorate post-pandemic New York City.

The new campaign is inspired by the iconic “I ❤ NY” ad campaign. Whereas the original I ❤ NY campaign was designed to bring visitors to New York, We ❤ NYC is aimed at the people who live and work here.

We ❤ NYC will lean heavily on entertainers and Broadway glitz. It is designed to inspire residents in challenging times.

The themes of the campaign focus on what New Yorkers can do to support the resurgence across the five boroughs and neighborhoods.

Promoters liken post-pandemic challenges to past New York City crises such as 9/11 and the economic troubles of the 1970s, both things New Yorkers transcended.

The We ❤ NYC campaign seeks to remind New Yorkers that they live and work in the greatest city in the world.