NEW YORK (PIX11) — The rent for around 1 million apartments across New York City could soon go up.

The Rent Guidelines Board is scheduled to vote Tuesday on proposed increases. In a preliminary vote, the board already approved 2-4% increases on 1-year leases and 4-6% increases on 2-year leases in for rent-stabilized units.

Rent in regulated apartments was frozen in 2020. In 2021, the board voted on a partial freeze.

As prices on food, gas and more have risen, tenants have fought against proposed increases in rent. They say they cannot afford it.

Landlords say they can’t afford not to increase rental rates. They say the money is needed to maintain buildings.

Mayor Eric Adams has appointed a number of members to the Rent Guidelines Board. During an appointment, he said New York City could not “afford to put our affordable housing at risk.”

“My administration is focused on using data to inform decisions, and I am confident that all of my appointees will faithfully evaluate the data they are presented and make an informed decision about how best to protect the city’s affordable housing,” he said.