NEW YORK (PIX11) — A mother who lost her son to a stray bullet has made it her mission to console other families and try to prevent violence through community activities. Now they’re expanding. 

Oresa Napper-Williams, the executive director of Not Another Child, founded the organization after the murder of her son Andrell in 2006. He was the victim of a stray bullet fired from a gun held by a 15-year-old. 

“Gun violence has no boundaries. Not in the way. We started in Brooklyn and East New York. My son was killed in Bed-Stuy,” she said. 

This Saturday, they will host a block party on East 108th Street at Second Avenue in East Harlem as they mark the opening of a new resource center. The family was originally from East Harlem. 

For 16 years, Not Another Child has provide support for families that have lost loved ones the violence. They meet with them, answer, questions, and hold events. 

The second aspect of their mission is to energize communities to prevent violence. Napper-Williams’ son, Justin also works with the organization in his brother’s memory, and with a hope for the future.

“It doesn’t happen in one way. You have to approach it from different ways. There’s an intergenerational approach. We have services for youth. The way to draw them is through the things that they like,” she said. 

The annual “King Ron Playing for Change Basketball Tournament” is held during the summer at a park down the block from the new center.  

This year’s event was the 16th annual and welcomed more than 120 students from around the city to play in the tournament, which runs in July and August.