NEW YORK (PIX11) — Venezuelan asylum seeker Alade told PIX11 News through a translator how long he’s been here in America, with no ability to work.  

Alade’s face asked us not to show his face. But he was visibly excited when PIX11 relayed some important news, specifically about Venezuelan asylum seekers like him and temporary protected status, straight from New York Gov. Kathy Hochul.

“Eighteen thousand jobs are already available for people who signed up in the portals. That can help solve our problems,” said Hochul.

TPS is an essential first step in giving asylum seekers authorization to work, and Venezuelans make up almost half of the migrants flowing into New York City.

“He’s very happy, and he’s waiting for the documents he needs to go back to work,” said Alade.

Hochul said some 400 businesses have already signed up through an online portal to express their interest in hiring them to work.

Perhaps not surprisingly, a majority of the businesses come from three major sectors: accommodation and food services, healthcare and social assistance, and manufacturing.

“We’re also asking them to allow the migrants not to have to pay the fee,” said Senior Mayoral Advisor Dr. Ingrid P. Lewis-Martin.

The Adams administration also asked the feds to waive the nearly $500 fee asylum seekers must pay to process their TPS application.

Alade is ready.

“Demolition, construction. Painting. Wash dishes, whatever,” said Alade.

But New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ warning Tuesday – while welcomed, the TPS expansion is just a minor victory.

“We want to be real careful. We don’t want people spiking the ball. We have a long way to go,” said Adams.