NEW YORK (PIX11) — As runners gear up for the TCS New York City Marathon this weekend, medical experts say they anticipate more heat-related injuries due to the unseasonably mild temperatures in the forecast.

The TCS New York City Marathon is one of the most anticipated city events. This year is expected to be exciting, but with that excitement comes a big concern. That’s the unseasonably warm and humid conditions, which can take a toll on the body.

Dr. Frederick Davis is co-chair of the emergency department at LIJ medical center. He says times like this, he expects more visits than expected with patients suffering from muscle cramps, which is usually a sign of dehydration.

“The other thing we definitely see are people getting to the point of heat exhaustion, where they’re overheating and they lose their ability to sweat and they have difficulty being able to manage their own temperature to a point where they even pass out,” he said.

He says before getting to that point, make sure to hydrate. You should also know the signs that something’s afoot. Signs include increased heart rate, hot dry skin, and feeling dizzy and faint.

Heat-related injuries are not uncommon during races. In fact, highs reached the upper 80s with a peak relative humidity of 97% during the Brooklyn Half Marathon this past May. The National Weather Service issued its first May heat adversary in 16 years. The extreme heat resulted in one death with at least 15 hospitalizations. Now, plans are already underway for a safe execution this weekend.

There will be increased ice along the route, including 21 water stations and Gatorade stations on the course, and 25 medical stations on the course for those who need any additional support.

But no matter the weather, preparation is key to completing the race. And let those spectators power you toward the finish line.