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HARTFORD, Conn. — The University of Connecticut senior at the center of a manhunt has been captured, according to authorities, after allegedly killing two people and kidnapping a third.

Connecticut State Police said in a tweet Wednesday night that Peter Mafredonia, 23, was found and entered police custody in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Officials said no law enforcement officers were injured, and neither was the suspect.

Manfredonia was accused of killing Ted DeMers, 62, and Nicholas Eisele, 23, before forcing Eisele’s girlfriend into her vehicle and fleeing the state with her.

The 23-year-old girlfriend was located Sunday at a rest stop near Paterson, New Jersey, with her 2016 Volkswagen Jetta. She was not hurt, according to police.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania State Police say Manfredonia was dropped off by an Uber in front of a Walmart in East Stroudsburg before walking behind the store and onto a set of train tracks on Sunday.

Policed believe Manfredonia to be armed and dangerous, with a bag of guns we took during a home invasion in Connecticut.