NEW YORK (PIX11) — Some ride-share app drivers are on a 24-hour strike after their planned pay raise was blocked in court.

The drivers say companies like Uber get an unfair share of what they earn. They say the company can’t make any money without them. To prove it, they are parking their cars and turning off the app.

“We are moving this city and we deserve our fair share,” said Aziz Bah, organizing director for the Independent Drivers Guild.

Bah helped lead dozens of his fellow drivers as they protested what they call unfair pay by the Uber ride-share app. They were set to get a raise for the time and miles they spend on the road as part of the city’s new TLC rules, but a Manhattan judge granted Uber’s request to temporarily block the pay hike that was set to go into effect. The case goes back to court on Jan. 31.

“I’m a parent of seven children. I have a child who is disabled. For me it means a lot to make every bit, whatever I’m making,” said Arifa Tirmizi, a Long Island-based member of the Independent Drivers Guild.

The Independent Drivers Guild and other organizations representing the drivers protested the decision by driving a caravan of cars over the Brooklyn Bridge to the New York Supreme Court. The group wants the court to reconsider its decision.

“The city of New York has said through the TLC that we deserve a raise,” said Uber driver Michele Dottin.

Drivers are pushing back on the $100 billion company by turning off the app for 24 hours. The move is meant to show Uber it can’t make profits without its workers.

“We are not asking them to give us some change. We are not putting our hands out and telling them to give us free money. This is our hard-earned money,” Tirmizi said.

An Uber spokesperson told PIX11 News: “Drivers do critical work and deserve to be paid fairly, but rates should be calculated in a way that is transparent, consistent and predictable. Existing TLC rules continue to provide for an annual review tied to the rate of inflation; that’s one reason why driver pay has gone up 38.4% since 2019.”