HARLEM, Manhattan — A sea of officers clad in blue stood arm and arm with community members outside the NYPD’s 32nd Precinct Wednesday night; they were all there to pay respects to officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora, who were killed after a shooting last week.

The vigil was a chance for friends and coworkers of 22-year-old Rivera and 27-year-old Mora to pay their respects, and work through their pain.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” one fellow officer said, describing the moment he saw Rivera’s body. “He saved my life so many times — but I could not save his.”

Officers Rivera and Mora were ambushed in a one-bedroom apartment just one block way from the precinct. The pair were responding to a domestic disturbance call involving 47-year old Lashawn McNeil and his mother.

McNeil swung open the bedroom door and opened fire with a 45-caliber pistol outfitted with a modified 40-round clip, hitting both officers in the head. Rivera died that night, and Mora was pronounced dead Tuesday.

“I want to stress to the public, that these officers could be your children. They could be your relatives,” Commanding Officer Amir Yakatally said.

He told PIX11 News he’s grateful for the support the community has shown in the wake of the tragedy. As his other officers grieve, he highlighted the service of both Rivera and Mora.

“They are angels in our eyes,” he said, “and they should be remembered that way.”