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NEW YORK — President Donald Trump suggested Monday he may send federal law enforcement officers to New York City amid ongoing protests and an uptick in shooting incidents.

He said local police are afraid to do anything and said there are also issues in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit and Baltimore.

“I know the police very well, New York’s finest. The fact is they’re restricted from doing anything, they can’t do anything,” he said. “I’m going to do something, that I can tell you.”

Federal officers were already deployed to Portland, Oregon, where they’ve been criticized. Trump sent law enforcement to the city after nearly two months of daily protests since the late May killing of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said that what federal agents are doing in Portland is “unacceptable.” and it has no place in New York.”

“New Yorkers and the NYPD know how to keep this city safe,” he said.

PIX11 has reached out to the NYPD about Trump’s plan to send federal law enforcement to New York City.