NEW YORK (PIX11) — Former President Donald Trump took to social media overnight Thursday into Friday to voice displeasure with his Manhattan indictment, insisting that he had done nothing wrong while claiming that the case is politically motivated.

In one of a series of original posts and reposts on his Truth Social account, Trump described the case as a “Fake, Corrupt, and Disgraceful Charge,” while claiming that he “cannot get a fair trial in New York!”

While the case pertains to $130,000 in hush money paid during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign to adult film star Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence on an alleged extramarital affair with Trump, the exact charges remain under seal pending Trump’s initial court appearance.

Trump has denied having a sexual relationship with Daniels.

Details of that initial court appearance were still being worked out Friday, as preparations continued in the fortification of Lower Manhattan against possible security threats. However, early indications were that Trump could surrender and appear in court early next week.

The NYPD, as well as state and federal law enforcement, had already been at work upping security since Trump earlier this month predicted that he would be arrested on March 21, calling on his supporters to protest. While Trump’s arrest on that date did not come to pass, the threat of potential unrest gave authorities a head start in girding the area.

The scene, whenever Trump does go before a judge, will be historic. No former or sitting president has ever been charged in a criminal matter.