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NEW YORK — With Independence Day falling on a Sunday this year, the holiday was officially observed on Monday, July 5.  

It was also a day of warm and mostly sunny skies, with temperatures in the low- to mid-80s. The conditions resulted in many tri-state residents heading outdoors before high heat sets back in on Tuesday, just in time for people to head back to work.

Chris Flory had just finished surfing at Rockaway Beach when he spoke with PIX11 News about the beach conditions he’d encountered on Monday.

“This is about as perfect as it gets, right?” he said.  

Many other people, at beaches and other outdoor venues across the region, agreed with him.  

“We got the weather we were looking for,” said Joe Patella, who was on the Coney Island boardwalk with his extended family, preparing to go on the amusement park rides. 

“We got the free pass with the extra day [off],” he continued, “and it’s worked out great with the weather.  This is what we wanted yesterday.”

The weekend had been a mixed bag of weather conditions, with more rain, and lower temperatures than many people had hoped for.  

So when Monday proved to have favorable weather, many people felt the way Elyse Schunkewitz did. She was sunning herself, as she sat with friends on the sand in Long Beach, on Long Island.

“I’m happy I came today,” she said, as she let her hair dry in the sun, after having gone swimming in the surf.  “I’m just thrilled to have a beach day.”

The appeal extended beyond the beach. While Coney Island has surf and sand, it also has its world famous amusement parks.  

They were well attended on Monday, much to the thrill of a 10-year-old boy

named Aaron.

“Oh my gosh,” he said, “you’ve got to check this place. It’s the beach and the park, it’s so cool.”

Cool is the adjective many beachgoers used to describe how they were feeling in Monday’s low- to mid-80s temperatures and relatively low humidity.

However, as Rosemarie Campo said as she walked down the Coney Island boardwalk with her family, a change is coming.

Heat that will feel like it’s in the triple digits is on tap for Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Campo said that she’s as ready for the heat increase as she was for the Coney Island thrill rides she was about to ride.

“The breeze today, the sun’s shining, no clouds,” she began, describing Monday’s conditions.  “It’s preparing us for the heat that’s coming. Bring it on.”