NEW YORK (PIX11) – Transit Equity Day commemorates the life and legacy of Rosa Parks and her unfinished work to end inequities in transportation.

Advocates, riders and transit workers across the tri-state on Friday called on lawmakers to invest in the transportation system to get people back on mass transit safely with quality service.

The Riders Alliance in New York City called for a fare freeze on subway rides to stay at $2.75 for the next five years, and they are calling on the governor for service every six minutes on most subway and bus lines.

“A fare hike would be terrible for the transit system, right now, it would fall hardest on the low income of central workers who use it the most and it would discourage other people from coming back,” the organization said.

The same goes for school buses carrying around New York City school students. 

The public advocate’s office is also calling for accountability on spending and bus routes after parents report children are spending hours on the bus with no food or water.

Tanesha Garner from Newark, New Jersey is asking lawmakers to pass eight passengers bill of rights, which would guarantee adequate service with clean buses.