NEW YORK (PIX11) — A New York City skate park closed for more than a decade is set to make a comeback. 

The area beneath the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge, known as the Brooklyn Banks, was closed in 2010. During the closure, the land was used as an as a staging area for the renovation of the Brooklyn Bridge. During his State of the City address, Mayor Eric Adams announced support for a park at the spot. It would include an area for skateboarders and basketball players.

“Open space is important,” Adams recently said. “The pandemic highlighted the critical role our parks, playgrounds, and waterfronts play in improving the physical and mental health of all New Yorkers.”

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Project is partnering with Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan to make the park happen, according to a press release. They’re set to break ground in the spring. 

“We want to help provide a place for that sense of community and support at the Banks for people of all ages,” Hawk said. “The local community deserves to have a safe, designated skate space that provides a sense of belonging.”

A years-old petition to save the Brooklyn Banks has more than 53,000 signatures. Petitioners noted they didn’t want “this very cherished piece of history and culture to be altered beyond recognition and function.”

The plan to bring back a park also has the support of Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine. 

“Brooklyn Banks holds almost a hallowed place in the legacy of not only New York City’s contribution to skater culture but for skaters across the nation and world as well,” Levine said. “It’s imperative that we preserve and continue this legacy, and this new partnership to develop Gotham Park will ensure that generations of skaters can continue to shred this iconic park.”