NEW YORK (PIX11) — With a month left until the start of spring, this has been the least snowy winter-to-date for the New York City area, the National Weather Service said Saturday.

Less than an inch of snow has been recorded at each climate station in the region. Usually, those stations will have seen an average of about 17-21 inches from the start of December through Feb. 18, according to the NWS.

January was also the mildest on record for all climate sites, according to weather records. February, which is usually the snowiest month of the year in the region, has seen a number of days with temperatures in the 50s and 60s.

Normally, Central Park sees an average of 20.5 inches of snow from Dec. 1 through Feb. 18. The area measured just .4 inches of accumulation from Dec. 1, 2022 through Feb. 18, 2023. Over in LaGuardia and at JFK, there’s usually an average of 20.4 and 17.8 inches, respectively. This season has seen just .6 inches and .2 inches at the climate sites.

Over on Long Island, Islip has seen .7 inches of snow accumulation this season. Normally the climate site measures an average of 21.3 inches for the period, according to the NWS. New Jersey is experiencing similar conditions. Newark normally sees an average of 21.3 inches of snow from Dec. 1 through Feb. 18. This season, there’s been just .4 inches.

Could the region still see snow? Sure. Back in March of 1888, there was a giant blizzard. Around 20 inches of snow accumulated.