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NEW YORK (PIX11) — The results are in: new MTA information shows the highest- and lowest-rated bus routes across New York City.

Wait times were a big driver for why people liked or disliked the routes, according to the MTA Customer Satisfaction and Travel Survey, released on Monday. A busy route, the M86 SBS, was the top-rated bus route.

With an average weekday ridership of 13,198 people as of June 2022, the M86 SBS scored well in areas of wait times, service reliability, crowding, travel times, cleanliness, personal security and unexpected delays. The top five routes were rounded out by the M79 SBS, the M104, the Q70 SBS and the M31.

On the other side of the coin, the B7, Bx40, S40/90, B14 and Q55 did not score well in the report. Together, they got an average overall route rating of 46.4%.

The MTA also released data on the best and worst subway stations in New York City. To see the full survey results, click here.