NEW YORK (PIX11) — After a week of roving patrol cars and people canvassing the neighborhood for leads, Harlem’s Malcolm X Boulevard has returned to its normal rhythm.

But behind the scenes, the family of 11-year-old Alfa Barrie is desperate for a miracle. Meanwhile, 13-year-old Garrett Warren’s relatives are consumed with grief.

“I swear. I feel like somebody ripped my guts and my heart out. For real – that’s how I feel,” said Candy Bojng, Warren’s grandmother.

It’s been a week since both Barrie and Warren disappeared from Harlem after school. On Thursday, NYPD search crews pulled Garret’s body from the water. But there was still no sign of Barrie, as of Friday night.

“The family is home, mothers, fathers, kids, and youngsters, just keep us in their prayers. That’s all we’re asking. We want closure on this,” said Ahmadou Diallo, Barrie’s uncle.

On Warren’s block, a growing memorial of personal notes and almost 100 candles were laid out in the shape of a “G.”

“He’s so young – 13. It’s really hard because I watched him grow up. It’s literally family. So it’s hard to process right now,” said C.J., someone who knew the family.

Ahmadou Diallo offered condolences to the Warren family following Friday prayers at his neighborhood mosque.

“They’re all kids. They all belong to their parents. It feels very sad,” said Diallo.

Meanwhile, Warren’s grandmother is grieving over the death of her only grandson.

“Support. Support. We need support,” said Bojng.

His nickname was “Man Man” because, at just age 13, Garrett was already 6 feet tall and 200 pounds.

Ms. Bojng said she does not believe his death was an accident.

“He might be a size 13 feet, but he’s not clumsy. He was pushed. If ya’ll know something, ya’ll better come to say something. Don’t do that. Because if it was your mother, your mother would be the same way I am. Your grandmother would be the same way I am. I don’t wish this on nobody,” said Bojng.