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NEW YORK — New York’s Civilian Complaint Review Board has been busy in the week since the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the protests that have taken place in his wake.

Since May 29, 523 complaints about police misconduct have been made, the CCRB reported. Floyd was killed May 25. Protests in the city started to gain notoriety May 28.

As a comparison, for the entire month of April, the CCRB received 533 complaints.

The CCRB is an independent municipal Agency meant to investigate complaints of NYPD misconduct.

“[The CCRB] will investigate these complaints with timeliness, thoroughness and professionalism,” wrote CCRB Chairman Fred Davie on Twitter.

Floyd died in police custody on Memorial Day. Bystander video shows one police officer, Derek Chauvin, kneeling on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes. Additional video shows that other officers also put their body weight on Floyd during the arrest. One stood by with his back turned during the arrest.