NEW YORK (PIX11) — Born with a congenital heart defect, Delany Soto was 7 years old when she went into cardiac arrest. 911 dispatchers walked her mother Katherine Rivera through CPR. Firefighters arrived, took over CPR and delivered a shock that got her heart started again.

Delany, now 10 years old, and nine others who got a second chance at life, got to meet their rescuers at the FDNY’s Second Chance Ceremony on Wednesday. Delany’s mother was full of gratitude.

“I am more than grateful for this day. They have given me more than a second chance. It’s so amazing to still have my daughter here. This year Delany got a heart transplant. So, thank you.” Rivera said.

Meagan Dawe was 11 weeks pregnant when she had trouble breathing and her husband couldn’t wake her. EMTs and firefighters successfully defibrillated her and got her to a hospital. Dawe, who six months later gave birth to a healthy baby boy, was equally grateful to the first responders who saved her life.

‘I’m very lucky to be here today with my son Owen. We can’t thank all the first responders enough for our second chance. It is incredible what they do every day,” Dawe said.

The Second Chance Ceremony was started 25 years ago to reunite survivors and the FDNY and EMT members who saved their lives.

“Since we began doing the Second Chance Ceremony, we have reunited more than 200 patients with the outstanding men and women of EMS who have saved their lives. It is an amazing event that gives us all hope and gratitude for the EMTs and paramedics who do this tireless job day in and day out,” said Acting Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanaugh.