NEW YORK (PIX11) — Subway safety remains an ongoing concern for New York City straphangers, a new poll found.

The poll released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University found that 61% of New York City registered voters do not feel safe in the system at night. During the day, that number wasn’t much better at 43%. Eighty-six percent wanted to see more police in the system. 

The poll was released on the same day the MTA revealed more information about why the cameras at the Sunset Park station were not working during a shooting last month.

The MTA said technicians were operating on a fan unit attached to the network at 36th Street the week before the attack. The video feed was still working on April 8, as the part was replaced. Crews had to go back out a few times to look at it and on April 11 the streaming failed.  

“Technicians were working in the communication room on the next morning, April 12, when the attack took place. NYPD directed them to leave,” according to the MTA.

On Wednesday, in an interview with WNYC, MTA CEO Janno Lieber was confronted by an alleged MTA conductor who urged him to increase police presence in the system. 

“We do need to have a more effective police presence,” Lieber said in response. “There is a commitment in the NYPD and in City Hall to making sure that putting cops where riders feel vulnerable and where our workers are vulnerable will, over time, deter the kind of violence.” 

Many riders say they want to see improvements now.  

“I haven’t seen much they speak about it. But not much has happened,” a commuter said.

“Create environments that make it safe and create togetherness as a community,” another rider said.

The MTA estimated just 1% of cameras in the subway system are down at any given time.

Meanwhile, the NYPD said it would be unfair and misleading to say the camera problem caused a delay in the arrest of suspect Frank James, who was taken into custody the day after the shooting.