STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. (PIX11) — In 2004, a nurse found a days-old baby girl inside a Staten Island hospital bathroom. Now, nearly two decades later, the woman and her family have returned to say thank you and find out more about that day. The story even comes with a twist.

It was like any other day at work for Claudia Beadle nearly 20 years ago as a cardiac technician at Richmond University Medical Center. She was on her lunch break, went to the bathroom, and what happened next changed her life forever.

Victoria Lynn, now 19, was just days old when she was discovered by Beadle wrapped in a blanket in a hospital bathroom. Beadle said she saw a beautiful little face tucked in the back of the toilet tank on the floor.

They returned to the exact same spot together on Tuesday, held hands and hugged each other.

Beadle cared for Victoria during her stay at the hospital. She would even visit her on her breaks and days off to feed her.

As a cardiac technician at the hospital for nearly 40 years, Beadle said it’s the moment she’s most proud of.

Victoria was eventually adopted by loving parents, Angela and Dennis. “It was meant to be,” Angela said.

Victoria always hungered to know more about that day. Her family considers Beadle a guardian angel.

Victoria’s older brother, 21-year-old Frank, was also adopted. He was abandoned at a day care center on Staten Island, seven months before Victoria was abandoned.

Thanks to, the brother and sister found out another miracle just last week. They are actually full biological siblings.

Beadle now has a bond that will last a lifetime. Every birthday and holiday they plan to be together.

The family is now joining forces with the hospital to create a fund for scholarships. Visit the Richmond University Medical Center Foundation page here and use the donate button to make a gift indicating the tribute name as Victoria and Frank.