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NEW YORK — Black New Yorkers continue to live at a disadvantage in several key areas, according to The State of Black New York, a report released Monday.

Poverty is still pervasive, Urban League New York CEO Arva Rice said. Black students are not being prepared for college and it’s acting as a barrier against economic advancement.

There’s also a digital divide, according to the report. Many Black and Hispanic families can only access internet through smart phones; about 40 percent of residents lacked either mobile or home internet services and 18 percent lacked both.

The report also found a need for more civic engagement.

Urban League New York also looked at criminal justice. The organization said there’s still a disproportionate number of Black over-represented in jails and prison due to what it described as decades of over policing and racial bias.

In terms of health, the report found that one in four Black adults in New York City faced a health problem in 2018. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic shined an even brighter spotlight on health disparities. Black New Yorkers are more likely to die from the virus.

People shouldn’t look at the report as dour statistics, Rice said. The report should instead work as a wake up call for policy leaders.

“It is absolutely a call to action,” Rice said.