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LOWER MANHATTAN — It’s a disco Halloween costume ball like none other at Casa Cipriani on South Street.

The night’s called Boogie Frights as guests were transported back to Studio 54 but with a spooky flare.

There were incredibly frightful costumes from the 1970s.

“I loved everything about the 70s,” Michael Kors, the fashion designer, told PIX11 News. “New York was falling apart and we had fun. I fell in love with Bette Midler. I fell in love with Studio 54 and I worshiped Halston — and here I am dressed as him,” Kors added.

This ghoulish yet sparkling gala is raising money for New York Restoration Project, which was founded by singer Bette Midler back in 1995.

Midler believed that all New Yorkers deserve beautiful, green, public spaces within walking distance from their homes.

“I live in New York and this is the reason it’s not a concrete jungle,” Mario Cantone, actor and comedian, told PIX11 News. “They open 12 new gardens a year and that’s a lot,” he added.

This is the 25th annual NYRP Hulaween Bash. Last year’s was canceled due to the pandemic.

This year, Bette Midler’s away filming Hocus Pocus 2, but her daughter, Sophie Von Haselberg, couldn’t be more proud of all her mother has created.

“It’s all her. This whole thing would never have happened without her,” Von Haselberg said. “It’s her brain child, but it’s no longer about a celebrity. The work stands for itself,” she added.

And the real star of this gala was the woman who sang the anthem of the 1970s, Gloria  Gaynor. She delivered a version of “I Will Survive” just for PIX11, and added that the work of New York Restoration Project “helps everyone to survive.”