NEW YORK (PIX11) — A man was slashed; another man was shot in the chest; a woman was beaten with a hammer; another woman had feces rubbed on her face.

High-profile acts of violence in New York City’s subway system prompted increased police presence and a new subway safety plan, which includes more enforcement of MTA rules and new homeless outreach teams.

The MTA also recently announced plans to test subway platform doors, which could prevent deadly pushing incidents in stations.

In the most recent instance of subway violence, a man was slashed Monday at the 179th Street subway station. On Sunday, a man was shot in the chest at a Brooklyn station.

Police have also made several arrests in recent cases. A man was arrested Sunday in a Queens hammer attack. Officers also arrested a man accused of smearing feces on a woman at a Bronx subway station. His arrest came less than 24 hours after the NYPD released surveillance images.

Mayor Eric Adams said the string of violence during the first full week of his new subway safety plan prompted him to reconsider some details.

“I’m sitting down tomorrow to do an evaluation,” Adams said on Monday. “I went out yesterday, to some of the subway stations, and talked to the officers on the ground, to ask them their pros and cons – what could we be doing differently.”