MANHATTAN, N.Y. (PIX11) — Some of the migrants who have been camped outside of the Watson Hotel in Manhattan for the last three days appear to be ready to seek shelter as temperatures plummet.

The standoff between the asylum seekers and the city unfolded amid questions about a new temporary migrant shelter in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

For days the migrants said they were concerned about security, lack of heat and personal space at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

“There are some agitators there I think are just really doing a disservice to the migrants,” said Mayor Eric Adams Wednesday.

Adams ripped people who have been camped alongside the migrants for spreading what he calls misinformation about the new facility. He said hundreds have been safely moved there and he has seen for himself the availability hot meals, medical care and other amenities.

Adams said he pressed the President Joe Biden in person Tuesday when he was in New York City for federal help with the flood of 42,000 asylum seekers who have come to town. Gov. Kathy Hochul said she too pressed the president.

“He did say there would be money coming from the federal government to help the city,” Hochul said. “He did not give a number, but we we do believe they should be picking up a significant share.”

In the meantime, the governor is allocating $1 billion in her executive state budget proposal to help with the migrant crisis. Moving forward, she is suggesting the city, state and federal government split the cost three ways.

Hochul and Adams said costs will continue to rise until the feds begin expediting temporary work permits for asylum seekers, who may be living in the country without legal status for years before their claims are processed.

“Once these individuals are qualified to get a job, the need to support them will diminish exponentially,” Hochul concluded.

Adams said he will have to look at the details of the three-way-split proposal before he can comment.