BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, Brooklyn (PIX11) — The family of a missing deaf woman who disappeared before Christmas moved their search into Brooklyn after a reported sighting.

“It’s 17 days today,” Genevieve Primus, the sister of 46-year-old Samantha Denise Primus, who goes by Denise, said Monday. “She must be delusional by now. No food, no water. Last night was so cold.”

A nanny who works in Bedford-Stuyvesant was reportedly at a bodega near the corner of Gates and Nostrand Avenues several days ago and said a woman rushed in, saying she had seen the missing Primus the day before.

The sighting was posted on a Nanny Facebook page and Genevieve Primus heard about it. Police took the sister to the bodega, and a worker reported he’d seen the missing woman, as well.

“She was mumbling something,” the worker reportedly told Genevieve Primus about her sister. “If she’s lost, I can see her walking and mumbling,” Primus said.

Denise Primus, who is non-verbal and on the autism spectrum, left her sister Joanna’s house in Elmont about 4 a.m. on Dec. 23. It was bitterly cold that morning, with a driving rain.

The family was upset to learn that Primus had actually been picked up 16 hours later on Hillside Avenue in Hollis, taken to Queens Hospital Center for evaluation, and then discharged around 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve, and provided with a list of shelters.

Primus is missing her eyeglasses, since her sister Joanna was ordering a new pair for her.

The Primus family thinks their sister may be riding the trains, since she used to take the A, C or G subway lines with her mother.

The bodega worker said Primus left the store and started walking in the direction of Williamsburg.

A team of family members started posting new flyers and checking platforms at train stations between Bedford-Stuyvesant and Williamsburg.

The missing woman’s mother was visiting the family’s native St. Lucia when Primus disappeared, because her son was preparing for surgery.  Primus lives with her mother and a brother at E. 91st Street in Brooklyn.