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NEW YORK — It was an exchange aboard an N-train that would shock just about anyone; video shows a woman fight back after she was slapped on the rear end by a fellow straphanger.

“That’s a fat a–,” the man is heard saying.

The woman responded with a slap of her own to his face, which was followed by a number of blows to his head. The entire scene, which was captured on video, left subway riders visibly stunned.

As shocking as the scene was – and in some cases not uncommon in the New York City subway – it turns out it was all staged.

“I was surprised you know – I wanted to people to actually step in,” Zeeshan Ali, better known as Prince Zee on YouTube, said of the stunt he spearheaded with his comedy partner and Instagram star Daniel Jean.

Their so-called social experiment materialized after they recruited help from friend and fellow comedian Danny Duces who experienced a similar situation on the subway last year.

Their goal, they said, is to get New Yorkers more engaged – essentially to do something, when they see something not right

I really thought one person was going to react, but nothing,” Ali said. “There’s another thing too, a lot of New Yorkers don’t really care they just want to go along with their day, they just want to go home – it’s just so normal.”

If this comedy duo look familiar – they should. They’re known for pulling stunts all over town.

Last summer the pair went viral with an epic stunt that made international headlines where Jean – who played an Uber driver – threw his passenger Ali into a fountain in Midtown.

“I flew and no one cared – my knees were really injured,” Ali recalled.

Witnesses filmed video, then went about their days. It’s a disturbing trend typical in today’s culture. It’s that apathy both Ali and Jean hope to put a spotlight on.

“You know we don’t want people to get tired of us, so we’re not gonna be watering it down,” Jean said. “We’ll switch it up, we’ll do fighting and then we will do a message – you know we will mix up the whole content.

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