NEW YORK (PIX11) — Numbers and statistics are important to transit planners and officials.

Every month, MTA board members look at the latest data from the rails and the roads. This month, they’re saying some things that they haven’t said in years. Regarding crime stats, the NYPD and MTA report reductions in 2022.

“When comparing that same span to historical data, we are currently at the second lowest crime level since 1995,” said MTA Chairman Janno Lieber.

Last year, Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul focused on transit safety and surged officers to positions on the platforms and trains.

Service delivery is also showing signs of the rebound, while ridership remains 30% to 35% below what it was.

At the January board meeting, NYC Transit President Richard Davey said on-time performance is on track to be the best it has been in a decade and weekend service shows improvements.

Transit officials, employees and train crews have been focusing on three areas: faster service, cleanliness and a safer environment.