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MANHATTAN— It was a chance encounter on board a crowded rush hour train: two women who just happened to wear the same size shoe.

Kay Brown says she was riding a 3 train from Times Square Monday evening when a homeless woman entered her subway car.

“She was so small, and I looked down and she had no shoes on,” she told PIX 11 News. “Not just no shoes, no socks, she was completely barefoot.”

Brown spontaneously decided to give the woman in need her boots. “I gave her my shoes and she started crying, putting them on, and she hugged me, and then she left.”

Brown then realized she only had on a thin pair of socks, that didn’t match. Then another straphanger stepped in to help the Subway Samaritan.

“He said ‘do you want an extra pair of socks?  I have an extra pair of socks in my gym bag that I haven’t worn.’ And I was like, yes please.”

Once her train arrived in Harlem, Brown walked to her apartment with only socks on her feet. She says she’d do it all again.

“Wouldn’t you want someone to share the same compassion towards you?”

She wrote a post about the meeting on Facebook, it’s now been shared by people from all over the world.