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He’s a North Jersey DJ supposedly popular with kids. DJ Frosty. Real name: Rashan Webb.

He said he was doing a commercial for Target and needed to cast girls in it.

According to Takeisha Stewart of Jersey City, DJ Frosty seemed to have a good name in the community. When he said the girls would get paid at least $10,000 apiece she was interested. So were the moms of a total of 15 young girls. They were asked to put up $150 apiece and buy appropriate clothes at Target.  DJ Frosty wound up pocketing $2,250 from them.

And guess what.  There was no commercial.  He even made up bogus emails from a non-existent Target executive to try to explain delays. Now the moms consider the DJ to be Frosty the Conman.

When the moms got nowhere getting a refund, a friend of Takeisha’s contacted me.  I went to pay DJ Frosty a visit.  He was home, Takeisha and I spotted him in window as I shouted for him to come on down. But he didn’t. What do you expect from a guy who lives with his mommy in East Orange?

He did send me an email, suggesting that I write back to him.  But all I told him was that I wanted to talk. Where’s the money?  That’s all I care about.

DJ Frosty never answered. He’s still got the dough.  So, if you need a DJ you may want to beware of Frosty the Conman.

Oh, one more thing.  There’s actually another guy named DJ Frosty who apparently is based in Georgia. He’s not involved in this at all.  This is just about DJ Frosty of New Jersey, a guy who proved to me he can’t be trusted with your money.