NEW YORK (AP) — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin returned to dine at a New York City restaurant, two days after testing positive for the coronavirus.

The former Republican vice presidential nominee’s restaurant-going over the weekend drew attention because of her stance on vaccination. After testing positive Monday, she dined Wednesday in an upscale Manhattan eatery’s heated outdoor structure, where vaccination isn’t required.

Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines call for people to isolate themselves for at least five days after the onset of symptoms or a positive test.

Messages were sent Thursday via Palin’s website, to her lawyers and to a spokesperson who has worked with her.

The Republican’s positive test was announced in court just as jury selection was set to begin at a federal courthouse in New York City in Palin’s libel lawsuit against The New York Times. Palin, a one-time Republican vice presidential nominee, has had COVID-19 before. She’s urged people not to get vaccinated, telling an audience in Arizona last month that “it will be over my dead body that I’ll have to get a shot.”

On Saturday, Shawn McCreesh, a features writer for New York Magazine tweeted that Palin was seen at Elio’s restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and he quipped in a follow-up tweet: “My mom thought she was Tina Fey.” Fey was widely praised for her portrayal of Palin on Saturday Night Live when Palin was campaigning for vice president in 2008.

Luca Guaitolini, a restaurant manager, confirmed she had slipped through vaccination checks and dined at the restaurant known for attracting famous customers in violation of the city’s rule that restaurant guests must prove vaccination to be served. He said the restaurant was not making further statements.

“We’re just doing our thing,” he said.