GREAT NECK, N.Y. (PIX11) — The focus is beginning to shift from the lies Republican U.S. Rep. George Santos has admitted to telling — to his finances.

On Tuesday, a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint was filed against Santos seeking an investigation of his campaign spending and the various organizations that funneled money into his campaign. On Tuesday, Santos was also given a place on the Small Business Committee in the latest sign GOP House Leadership is standing by him.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Ritchie Torres of the Bronx sent the letter to the FEC, and spoke about it while rallying with a bipartisan group of voters from New York’s 3rd Congressional District, which Santos represents.

“He has essentially pretended to be a biracial, Ukrainian, Brazilian, Belgian, volleyball champion and brain cancer survivor — whose mother died twice, including on 9/11 — whose ancestors survived the Holocaust — whose employees died in the Pulse mass shooting — and who miraculously became a multi-millionaire overnight,” Torres summarized at the rally.

However, it is that money, where it came from and how it was used to get Santos elected that may ultimately be his undoing.

Torres in his letter is now asking the FEC to examine the company RedStone Strategies LLC along with other groups and nonprofits with ties to Santos, who ultimately was able to give his own campaign $700,000.

“The web of incestuous relationships surrounding George Santos is not just cause for suspicion, but it is grounds for an investigation,” Torres concluded.

U.S. House Republican leadership — amid a razor thin majority — has so far stood by Santos.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, even confirmed Tuesday that Santos would get some power in Washington by serving on committees, and named him to the Small Business Committee, according to Torres.

McCarthy also downplayed and maintained he was unaware of an incident where a member of the Santos campaign impersonated his chief of staff to raise money from wealthy Republican donors.

“That individual was let go when Mr. Santos found out about it,” McCarthy said.