NEW YORK (PIX11) — The New York City carriage horse that had collapsed in Manhattan earlier in August is now retired.

Animal rights groups shared had shared video of the horse, named Ryder, back on Aug. 10 on the ground near West 45th Street and Ninth Avenue. Officers from the NYPD Mounted Unit were called in to cool down the horse after it couldn’t stand up for some time.

Now, Ryder is retired and at a private horse farm outside of New York City where he has a large and comfortable stall, many acres of pasture and many other horses around him, according to the Transport Workers Union.

The owner/manager of the farm reports that: Ryder has been seen by a veterinarian, is no longer owned by his former handler, is bright, alert, eating and drinking and has gained some weight.

According to Ryder’s former owner, Ryder was purchased earlier this year after his owner in Amish country no longer wanted him. He was examined by a veterinarian in New York City in April and cleared for work. The city-required examination report listed his age as 13 years old.

But the responding veterinarian and NYPD Mounted Unit that responded on Aug. 10 estimated Ryder to be much older, and a subsequent review of records has determined he is 26 years old, which is too old to be licensed by the city as a carriage horse.

“The carriage horses and drivers are licensed and regulated by the DOH under series of regulations and requirements, including two physical exams for the horses every year,” The Transport Workers Union said.