NEW YORK (PIX11) — Faster trains and buses and less waiting time are high on the transit wish list for New Yorkers.

Commuters, Riders Alliance transit advocates, and elected leaders gathered across from Grand Central for a rally Wednesday calling for six-minute service and more transit funding.

“Transit equity demands that Gov. Hochul and legislative leaders negotiate a budget that funds more frequent subway and bus service. Workers commuting off-peak wait 12, 15, even 20 minutes for buses and trains. With multiple transfers from neighborhoods at the city’s edge, riders sometimes spend more time waiting for service than we do traveling to our destinations,” said Mayra Aldás-Deckert, lead organizer with Riders Alliance.

The campaign kicked off a few months ago. The rally was held as the state budget is being finalized.

“You’re telling people to get on the subway. Give them something to get on for,” said New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.

The MTA has proposed some minor rush hour adjustments on Mondays and Fridays on some lines. There would be a service increase on the weekends. The agency says it’s due to work-from-home travel trends.

“We think the Monday to Friday cuts are horrible. It doesn’t do any justice for the riding public and our members who will who will have to explain to the customers why the trains aren’t coming and they have to wait longer,” said TWU Local 100 President Richard Davis.

MTA Chairman Janno Lieber said he loves the idea of more service and more travel.

Funding and equipment availability are two major concerns.

“Most transit customers are benefitting from better than six-minute headways on subways already, and on-time performance just hit a 10-year high. The mission to provide faster, cleaner, safer service is dramatically improving customer satisfaction and will benefit from Gov. Hochul’s budget that provides relief from looming deficits,” said MTA spokesperson Kayla Shults.

The state senate and assembly are drafting their budget proposals.

Gov. Kathy Hochul has submitted a budget that also addresses transit. She asked MTA officials to find cost savings and she has also proposed an increase to a payroll tax on the largest businesses in the state to fund the MTA.

The MTA is facing a severe budget deficit.

Assemblymember Zohran Mamdani from Astoria has a package of legislation pending in Albany. It funds the MTA and calls for no fare hikes, more frequent subway service and free buses.

“We are are fighting because we know it’s possible. It’s just a question of political will,” said Mamdani.

New York has a $227 billion overall budget. About half of the MTA’s operating budget comes from fares and tolls. But ridership has not returned since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted the budget.