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NEW YORK — The MTA offered up to $10,000 as a reward Monday for information leading to arrest and indictment of the person or people responsible for a wave of subway vandalism.

Crime Stoppers is offering an additional $2,500 reward, for a total reward of up to $12,500. MTA Chairman and CEO Patrick Foye called out the “sociopath” responsible for damage on the No. 7 train. In all, the MTA has seen over 400 smashed windows since the spring.

“This person has caused over $300,000 in damages, and has caused our customers on the 7 line – working people in Woodside and Sunnyside and Corona and Jackson Heights and Elmhurst – delays. And there have been scores of incidents,” he said. “I want to call upon our criminal justice partners in the city’s district attorney offices to prosecute this person and others who are damaging subway or bus property to the fullest extent of the law.”

Most of the windows smashed in recent months were on the No. 7 line, but there were some smashed on the Nos. 2, 3 and A-train lines. When a window is destroyed, the train needs to be taken out of service for an hours-long repair.

The windows are made from a special glass designed to keep people safe, but the stockpile of replacement glass has been exhausted, according to the MTA. Schedule adjustments could be needed if vandalism continues and trains need to be taken out of service.

NYC Transit officials have worked on contingency service plans if the vandalism continues.

NYPD Transit Bureau Chief Edward Delatorre called on witnesses to contact the NYPD.

“Give us some help with this case; it’s important to everybody that we close this case soon and stop this vandalism,” he said.

Transit officials and senior NYPD leadership met on Monday before the incident during the evening rush hour.

MTA officials said the agency and officers are taking the investigation very seriously.

MTA Chief Safety Officer Patrick Warren said officers would have access to surveillance video. He saw the vandalized No. 7 trains at Hudson Yards Monday.

It’s possible the vandalism is taking place between stations. Monday evening’s case was reported as the train arrived at Hudson Yards.

Transit officials and senior NYPD leadership met on Monday before the incident during the evening rush hour.

Information about specific station cameras has not been provided.