NEW YORK (PIX11) — The leading four Republican candidates in the primary race for New York governor faced off in a debate Monday night.

The candidates addressed a variety of issues, like abortion and congestion pricing, crime, gun control, and COVID-19 regulations. 

Andrew Guiliani, the former special assistant to President Donald Trump, appeared virtually because he did not meet the vaccine requirements for the host building. 

Meantime, Congressman Lee Zeldin, businessman Harry Wilson, and former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino appeared in person. 

“On day one, I will end these unconstitutional mandates and giver everybody their job back who has lost them, with back pay,” said Guiliani. 

“You try to go into the city with your friends to have a good time with your family and everyone is looking over their shoulder. if you’re lucky you’ll be hit over the head with a bag of poop, I mean that’s a good day going into the city now and you might get hit with a hammer or shoved onto the train tracks,” said Astorino. 

Zeldin said, “The supreme court should overturn New York conceal carry law. We have the strictest gun control laws in the entire country. They’ve gone too far as it is.” 

And Wilson added, “The focus should be on people we know are a problem, criminals, mentally ill who have violent tendencies and people who are purveyors of hate. those are the 3 primary drivers of the problem, including the tragedy in Buffalo.” 

The debate came just as a new poll from PIX11, Emerson College and The Hill show Gov. Kathy Hochul is heavily favored to win the Democratic nomination in the gubernatorial race and Congressman Lee Zeldin is favored to claim the Republican nomination.